1Mabel Owens

After having severe back pain, Mabel Owens was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in the 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae. Before coming to the Illinois Back Institute, she had gone through many therapies, chiropractors and steroids treatments. Her pain was getting more severe and the only other option that was given to her was surgery. After coming to the Illinois Back Institute, Mabel finally lives pain free. Watch her full story. *


2Michael Walls

Michael endured 4 years of back pain. He received treatment from four different therapy clinics and had been prescribed a number of anti-inflammatories, but stated, “nothing seemed to help”. He even felt that he would have to think about getting a job that could accommodate his pain. Post-therapy, Michael said he feels 100 times better! He sleeps better, does not toss and turn anymore, and he thinks more clearly. Now that Michael is pain free, he is looking forward to pursuing his college degree. See Michael’s full story. *


3Nora Dabner

Nora has been active all her life as the manager for the Postal Service and as an active member in her church as Head of the Mothers Board. Unfortunately, Nora suffered a work-related tractor accident that left her with disabling back injuries at the 3rd, 4th and 5th lumbar area. Images showed multiple degenerative discs resulting in lumbar stenosis. Nora had problems with her left leg pain, numbness and weakness when lying on her back. After sessions at the Illinois Back Institute, she regained her feeling in her leg and is now able to continue her active lifestyle! See her video here. *


4Julie Koors

Julie Koors had a Discectomy in January 2011 but soon after surgery the pain in her lower back returned, radiating down into her buttocks. Julie’s MRI showed that she had spinal stenosis and a disc bulged annual tear L4/15. Julie has been to the Illinois Back Institute for only 40 visits now and she is finally pain FREE and getting her life back. Check out her story! *


5Kevin Butler (Chicago Bear)

1985 Chicago Bear Super Bowl Champion kicker Kevin Butler sits down at the Illinois Back Institute and gives us an update on his back pain and how it has improved since becoming a patient at the Illinois Back Institute. See the video here. *