What is Functional Disc Stabilization™?

Functional Disc Stabilization™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free back pain treatment that has proven success with tens of thousands of patients. This back pain treatment simply reverses disc degeneration giving you a healthier, stronger back without medications, surgery, or painful injections.

How Does the Treatment Work?


Functional Disc Stabilization™ was developed with the goal of getting your discs back to their normal, healthy state. When discs are healthy, they are very flexible with a nucleus that is filled with a gel-like substance. A disc that has been worn down has lost its gel and therefore is “dehydrated”. When you have a dehydrated disc, several things can occur including: herniated discs, bulging discs, stenosis, and degenerated discs. You may also experience sciatica pain down the backs of your legs due to your condition.

Functional Disc Stabilization™ takes the pressure off of your vertebral discs through cycles of compression and traction movements. It literally allows your spine to replenish the missing fluids back into your discs naturally. Physical therapy is used in conjunction with this back pain treatment to strengthen and stabilize your spine. To validate this new, natural treatment for back pain, we conducted a pain study in 2007 with a PAC 10 university researcher. The results of the pain study were astounding. 

We specialize in Advanced Functional Decompression™

Advanced Functional Decompression™ is a procedure where we traction the disc.  This process is performed in 3 functional positions, seated, standing, and laying down (the 3 positions we live our life in).  The functional aspect of the traction (decompression) is the fact that we can take pressure off the disc in 360-degrees.  Patients perform exercises while being decompressed.

Importance of AFD (Advanced Functional Decompression™)

  1. Performed in the 3 functional positions of our life.
  • Seated
  • Standing
  • Laying down
  1. Functional exercises are performed while in traction (decompression)
  2. Traction is and can be performed in 360- degrees.
  • This allows us to exactly pinpoint and treat the cause of the back pain.
  • 360 degrees- Left, right, front, back and any variation in between.

We successfully treat the following with this procedure.

  1. Herniated Disc
  2. Bulging Disc
  3. Degenerated Disc
  4. Spondylolisthesis
  5. Stenosis
  6. Sciatica
  7. Chronic Back Pain
  8. Chronic Neck Pain


dr. jeff winternheimer d.c.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Anyone who is experiencing chronic back or neck pain can benefit from Functional Disc Stabilization™. The Illinois Back Institute has helped all kinds of patients eliminate back pain from professional athletes to children. This includes those who have undergone back surgery and are still experiencing pain. See our testimonials here