Illinois Back Institute has partnered with Hopewell Academies, a program that provides educational, therapeutic and transition services to local special needs students. The program works with employers to assist their students in career education, and to obtain meaningful employment. Hopewell Academies’ goal is to provide actual career experiences that allow students to make a successful transition from school to work, and ultimately independence. Illinois Back Institute is providing valuable career experiences for these students, by offering an environment for students to learn basic job skills, work ethic, and social skills.

Normal Moments is a non-for-profit charity with which Illinois Back Institute is proud to continue its partnership. Normal Moments is devoted to supporting families with critically ill children. These families spend so much of their time in and out of hospitals that they do not have time for “Normal Moments” in life, like sitting down together for a home-cooked, Thanksgiving dinner. We are filling the families’ tables with delicious Thanksgiving meals so that they can eat and enjoy this Normal Moment together.


Illinois Back Institute sponsored a team in Chicago’s Brighton Kelly Little League, the Rockies. And they won the championship! Recently some of the coaches and members of the team stopped by our clinic to present a plaque and to thank the Illinois Back Institute for their sponsorship. Congratulations! Go Rockies!